Dear visitor,


Thank you for visiting Insidelight. I would like to give you a short summery about me and the work I do. You are welcome to contact me if you want to know more.


My name is Noor. By origin, I’m Middle Eastern and have been living in the Netherlands since 1999. I speak Dutch, English and Arabic fluently.


My life has been challenged by different events in the last years. Events such as personal identity, values, human needs and more. These events made me think actively about what really matters to me as a human being and as a professional. I came close to my inner fire and decided to take a new path. A path that is inspired by the wisdom of the heart.


In 2012 I finished my medical studies. After working as a doctor in several hospitals, I decided to specialize in family medicine. In 2017 I started working as a family doctor.


Besides being a general physician, I am also a professional coach and yoga teacher. After traineeships for four years (2018-2022) in mindfulness, self compassion, yoga and coaching I‘ve decided to continue helping others with my new knowledge.




Coaching is a delightful way to listen mindfully to another person and help by guiding them towards answers and new discoveries.


Eventually, it’s you who decides what the main question is for the coaching programme. My role is to guide you through this process.

Examples of coaching topics:


  • Are you experiencing a drainage of energy within your work or relations?
  • Are you looking forward to live a life according to your needs and desires?
  • Are you willing to take steps towards a switch of career?
  • Do you wish to break through old pattern and build new paths?


My coaching style is unique because of my personality, medical and cultural background. A world citizen who is sincere, driven, curious and engaged. As a professional, values such as respect, connection, trust and recognition are important in my work.


In my work as a coach I use elements from both western and eastern psychology. Western psychology researches and declares the source of behaviour in order to get new insights, whereas eastern psychology uses mindfulness and self compassion in order to gently accept the new insights and to let go of resistance. Both western and eastern psychology are important in our personal development.

Coaching: How does it work?


Once you have contacted me, we plan an intake to get to know each other and get your wish cleared about the coaching guide question. This intake interview is completely free of charge.

After the intake, once we agree upon our goals for the programme, we will start the actual coaching. This consists of eight sessions.

The programme


Stage 1: Who am I?
During the first four sessions we examine your values, motives, skills, qualities and biography.


Stage 2: What do I want?
During the fifth and the sixth session we will go through your dreams and goals. We will tackle old patterns and persuasions.


Stage 3: What shall I do?
During the last sessions, session seven and eight, multiple methods can be used to provide you with new insights and support to undertake different actions. These methods are well known within positive psychology. 

'' May you choose the path that enlightens your heart ''

Noor Bakkal